The Glenn Miller Story

Lately, I have been on a Jimmy Stewart movie kick. So today I got around to watching The Glenn Miller Story. Pop, as you know I am not a musician so I had no idea that Gene Krupa was in this movie.  As if that isn’t enough, it’s a star studded cast as well. Imagine a movie with:

  • Jimmy Stewart
  • June Allyson
  • Harry Morgan
  • Louis Armstrong
  • Ben Pollack
  • Gene Krupa

I have to say I wasn’t sure if I was going to like this movie or even be able to appreciate it but I did and listening to his music I heard songs that I always liked and never knew were his.

I really liked watching the Krupa drum solos but the duet he does behind Louis Armstrong was really cool too.

One funny thing was I saw Ben Pollack playing the drums in the beginning of the movie and I thought that was Krupa. I had to actually look it up to find out it wasn’t. I had no idea (at that point in the movie) that Krupa was playing himself in the movie nor did I know he played with Miller.

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4 Responses to “The Glenn Miller Story”

  1. ArtVerdi says:

    Cozy Coloe had a hit record called Topsy part 2 in 1958 he also was a partner with Gene Krupa having a Drum School in Manhattan in the 50s

    • gverderamo says:

      I wonder what happened to that school. For that matter when you think about all the restaurants, clubs, etc.. in New York that have been owned by famous people…I often wonder what happened to them all. Like Jack Dempsey’s place…I wonder what that is now?

  2. gverderamo says:

    I see. Well, it may be one of those Hollywood things then.

    Cozy Cole….that’s a new name. I guess he was a member of Louis Armstrong’s band?

  3. ArtVerdi says:

    Gene Krupa was playing a duet with Cozy Cole I dont think Krupa played with the Glen Miller band They played together when younger and were great friends

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