Modern Drummers

It is widely known my three favorite drummers are Buddy Rich, Joe Morello, and Louie Bellson. As of late, I have been listening to and watching the more contemporary drummers. Unfortunately, there are a few that I haven’t had the opportunity to hear yet. If I fail to mention some of these great drummers, I apologize. I do not mean any disrespect. I just have not had the opportunity to catch any of their material.

With that said, there are two drummers in particular that do everything I want to hear a drummer do, Steve Gadd and Dave Weckl. These two guys can drive a band as well as anybody. I have seen part of a newer Dave Weckl video. Man, can he play!

Mike Mangini and Marco Minnemann are also two of the most awesome drummers playing today.

Two other drummers that knock me out are Dennis Chambers and Vinnie Colaita. These two guys sneak in these great technical things and they are just really outstanding. They have such a wonderful feel for the music they play.

I saw Steve Smith a few times and he plays with a dominance and feel that is really incredible.

Johnny Rabb is another great artist. He comes up with these beautiful ideas and he has such tremendous technique. Sometimes, when Johnny plays, he gets into such a groove, that if you didn’t know what he could do, you wouldn’t know he has such incredible technique.
Another great drummer that has it all is Danny Gottlieb. I think his two set video is tremendous and he presented that just right. Drummers can benefit so much from using his video. Danny plays similar to the way Vinnie (Colaita) plays. He also sneaks in great technical stuff and keeps a great feel going.

I never heard Tim Waterson play with a group. Even though I do not play two bass drums, if I happen upon one of his videos, I will be sure to pick up a copy. I’m sure if I get the opportunity, it would be a great treat to hear him play with a group.

I have heard Virgil Donati in part of a video a friend has shown me. What people say about his hands and feet is so true. He has wonderful hand and foot technique.

Someday, I would love to hear Mike Portnoy. I have also heard some great things about Travis Barker and Flo. I will really be looking forward to hearing these three play. Peter Erskine and John Riley are two great contemporary Jazz Drummers. Kenny Aronoff is one of the most in demand Rock Drummers of today. I know Kenny can play anything, and swing with the best of them. Terry Bozio and Simon Phillips are two other drummers I hope to catch someday.

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