Drumometer as a Practice Tool

I think that the Drumometer is one of the best practice tools I have seen in a long time because it’s such a great incentive builder. Just think about seeing higher numbers within a few short months. It would make anybody feel a lot better about their playing ability. If you gain even one stroke more than you ever did before, it is worth it. It’s something that a metronome just can’t give you.

Don’t get me wrong, a metronome is still an important practice tool. I use one with a tap button, to tap out the metronomic time I want to practice to. A lot of people confuse the two devices but, they are used for completely different purposes. A metronome is used to keep time and the other is used to count the number of strokes you play in a certain period of time.

Example: 100 strokes in 10 seconds.

The Drumometer will definitely help your speed and endurance in a short period of time. It can make practicing a lot more fun, because, you can compete with yourself by tracking your progress. It really is a great feeling to see your speed increase at such a fantastic rate. Using a metronome in conjunction with the Drumometer is useful as well. It gives you a guideline of where you’re at, and it keeps you from straining too hard. If you set the metronome on a speed you know you can play; the Drumometer will show you how close you came to what you’re playing on the metronome.

Example: Put the metronome on 100 and play sixteenths for 60 seconds. You should play 800 strokes. If you do 780 then you know you are behind. If you do 820 you know you were doing more than you should at that tempo. This can help you improve your timing.

All drum teachers work with their students to develop endurance and speed. With this unit, I’m sure they will get much better results and the student will be much more aware of what they can and cannot do. Not only that but as I said before you can also have a lot of fun doing it.

Earlier I mentioned tracking your progress and I actually recommend keeping a log to help you with that. Don’t get discouraged if some days your numbers aren’t as high as others. With enough practice, there may come a day when you discover a much higher count than you expected.

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