Art Verdi’s Drum Teachers and Kit

Art Verdi’s Drum Teachers

John Cimino

My first teacher, John Cimino, started me off with the book, Buddy Rich’s Modern Interpretation of Snare Drum Rudiments written by Buddy Rich and Ted MacKenzie (who studied with Henry Adler). I learned all the rudiments as well as how to read music from John and this book. John taught me a lot of Latin Rhythms as well.

Carl Wolf

Carl Wolf, my second teacher, was taught the “Billy Gladstone Technique” by Joe Morello. Carl taught me to practice with the metronome a lot. I started playing a lot of triplets with my left hand as well as keeping a log of my progress.

Sonny Igoe

Sonny Igoe, my third teacher opened my eyes more to reading big band charts. Sonny always had a relaxed way about him, which made the lesson more enjoyable.

Art Verdi’s Drum Kit
I use a 14×22 inch Bass Drum with a 9 x 13 Small Tom mounted on the Bass Drum. Two 16×16 floor toms and a Rogers chrome Dyna Sonic snare drum. I have a 20-inch Ride Cymbal, as well as, a medium thin 19-inch Crash Cymbal on my left. On my right, I have an 18-inch medium thin Crash Cymbal and 13-inch New Beat Zildjian Hi Hats. I always use Pro-Mark 5A Drumsticks with Nylon Tips. At home, I like the Tama Rhythm Watch
next to my drums, because, it has the best volume.

Art Verdi’s Practice Pad Set-Up
I use the 10-inch Remo Practice Pad on a tripod stand with a Gibraltar GBDP Bass Drum Pad.Next to my pad, I use a Boss DB-66 Dr. Beat Metronome. I have an Iron Cobra Pedal on the Bass Pad, and a second one on my Bass Drum as well.

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