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Drumometer as a Practice Tool

I think that the Drumometer is one of the best practice tools I have seen in a long time because it’s such a great incentive builder. Just think about seeing higher numbers within a few short months. It would make anybody feel a lot better about their playing ability. If you gain even one stroke […]

Modern Drummers

It is widely known my three favorite drummers are Buddy Rich, Joe Morello, and Louie Bellson. As of late, I have been listening to and watching the more contemporary drummers. Unfortunately, there are a few that I haven’t had the opportunity to hear yet. If I fail to mention some of these great drummers, I […]

Welcome to the NEW Art Verdi website

Welcome to my new and improved website. The reason I have decided to give my site this facelift is because Google has a nasty habit of changing the SEO rules and I want to do everything possible to stay at the top of the Search Engine Results page. So, I hired Professional SEO Article to […]

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